The Center for Next Generation of Materials Design (CNGMD) seeks to reach beyond its center research group to inform and stimulate interest in the center's scientific focus, its activities, and the significance of its accomplishments. We are reaching out to the larger scientific community, as well as to the scientists of tomorrow and the public.

Upcoming Presentations

We will post specific information on invited lectures and conference presentations given by CNGMD staff at major meetings, with links added afterwards as recorded audio and slide decks become available.

Other Events

The center will promote computational materials design specifically—and energy sciences more broadly—to a wide range of audiences, from peers and government leaders, to post-doctoral researchers and students, to the general public. Our various partner institutions will use the following forums to promote the CNGMD, as well as the Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science.

  • Lecture series and colloquia
  • Workshops and tutorials
  • Co-sponsored high-profile scientific conferences
  • Topical symposia at national society meeting.

For additional information, contact the CNGMD Thrust 5 co-leader.