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About REopt

The REopt™ model provides concurrent, multiple technology integration and optimization capabilities to help organizations meet their cost savings and energy performance goals. Formulated as a mixed integer linear program, the REopt model recommends an optimally sized mix of renewable energy, conventional generation, and energy storage technologies; estimates the net present value of implementing those technologies; and provides a dispatch strategy for operating the technology mix at maximum economic efficiency.

REopt Model and Analyses

Under development at NREL since 2007, the REopt model was initially created to identify and prioritize cost-effective renewable energy projects across a portfolio of sites. The model is now also used to optimize the size and operating strategy of microgrids, storage, and energy/water systems. NREL’s REopt analyses have supported decisions that led to more than 260 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy development.

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REopt Lite Web Tool

NREL’s REopt Lite web tool offers a subset of the full REopt model’s capabilities at no cost to the user.

Compare the REopt model and REopt Lite web tool's features and capabilities.

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REopt Projects and Case Studies

The REopt model can be applied to a variety of energy optimization projects, including:

  • Renewable energy screenings
  • Campus planning
  • Microgrids and resiliency
  • Energy storage
  • Energy and water nexus
  • New research areas.